Tekken 7 Secret Ending Symbolizes Towards Tekken 8

Tekken 7 Secret Ending

Tekken 8 is happening?

Tekken the renowned fighting video game which is developed by Bandai entertainment is apparently coming with its 8th installment. Everyone is so excited and their eyes are on just one thing which is its release date. Tekken 7 released in 2017 got a moderate response and didn’t get much acknowledgment according to the developer’s expectations. Tekken 8 is an only way to make a gigantic comeback as redemption to gather fame and great reception this time. Hope it lives up to gamers expectations.

When it’s coming out?

Nothing is confirmed by the developers. No Tekken 8 trailer has come out. Complete silence on this matter but at the end of Tekken 7 teaser was released which shows that something will come sooner. After defeating the Akuma (Game’s Character) as devil Kazuya in a special chapter, gamers watched a secret ending (Tekken 8 teaser) that indicates upcoming things. Although it was short and problematic it still gives a direction to where the story will be heading in Tekken 8. The trailer will only come out after the official announcement of game release date. Gamer’s main focus is still on how Heihachi will come back from dead in Tekken 8.

Heihachi is the main character in Tekken universe that removing him is just impossible. At the end of Tekken 7, the scene opened with a panorama of the ruined city. Alisa, Lars and Lee were standing on a rooftop, discussing the future. Lars said that Jin’s the one who sent the world to hell, and now it’s his duty to bring it back. All three turned around, and the camera slowly showed Jin walking out of the shadows. He accepted the responsibility of killing Kazuya and also said that devil blood is running through his veins. Glowing sigils appeared on his forehead, and the camera faded to black. Everything is a mystery.

There is no information revealed about the game graphics, features and storyline but according to fans beliefs, it will be profoundly different from Tekken 7. Tekken 7 didn’t get a great response critically but it is such a big franchise that sales and profit wise it still did pretty good. It has sold 3 Million copies worldwide since its release. eSports is still developing so there is no reason for developers to rush the release. Till this day Tekken 7 content is being released. It may come out in 2021 if we take the time frame as evidence between Tekken 6 and Tekken 7 which was 6 years. It is a no brainer that Tekken 8 will come because it has a massive fan following and the series is already a huge commercial success. There should be no doubt about it. It’s just a matter of time. Ongoing success of the Tekken series should be enough for developers to pursue the 8th installment. Tekken 7 console release was already late so it is must that banco is going to extend the game’s lifetime more.

WhatsApp Dark Mode is On Its Way!

WhatsApp dark mode

What is WhatsApp dark mode?

WhatsApp is pretty simple to use and has basic features without any different modes. But many users want to use a dark mode because it is quite popular nowadays and wide varieties of apps have this feature but WhatsApp does lack in this domain. In this mode, your primary background turns to black. Many Apps like Twitter, Reddit and Telegram have this mode which allows you to turn everything into the black. It is good for your eyes and prevents your eyes from white glare and strain. It also saves battery consumption.

WhatsApp is very popular on every device i.e. Android, Apple and Windows users. People use it for every purpose ranging from sending messages, videos and audios to private and confidential documents. Even important chats about business matters are also done on this app instead of sending lengthy emails and using blackberry messenger. Facebook took over WhatsApp a few years ago and it is already updated with all the latest features but the only thing that still same is its white and green background. But it looks like it is going to be changed soon too. Facebook messenger already has this dark mode so it is true that they are working to bring this feature on WhatsApp too as soon as possible.

WhatsApp developers have finally reacted to fan requests. A popular beta, WABetaInfo, and alpha App analyzer announced this worthy news on Twitter. According to them, WhatsApp is checking dark mode features but only on beta users. The screenshots of  WhatsApp beta app, version number 2.19.82.  Displays the new dark mode extent across all the primary settings panel of the app but dark mode on chats is not revealed. It will be available for general users in near future.

How to use dark mode on your phone?

For WhatsApp users who are too excited and anxious and can’t wait for the dark mode to get released can use it by installing a third app. It will help to decrease the strain on your eyes. There are many apps existing on Play Store that enables you to change your background into black but this requires a little time and users don’t want to waste their time to do this. If the dark mode is present then they just have to go to settings and change the background from white to black. It’s just that much simple.

When it will be released?

There are many rumors going around about this matter for a while but there is no official statement released from WhatsApp developers. It is under work but it is expected that it will be out by the end of 2019.  It is just a guess still no confirmation if it’s true or not. But seeing its increasing demand, it is a must that users don’t have to wait long for this anticipated feature. It is said that it will be released on iOS devices first and then on android.

Negan And Julia Chang Coming to Tekken 7 on February 28

Tekken 7

Two new characters are going to be added to the Tekken 7 Season Pass 2 which added six characters already. The characters are Negan, the antagonist in The Walking Dead series, and Julia Chang, a recurring character in the Tekken series since Tekken 3. The characters will arrive on February 28th and are coming via DLC 8 and 9. DLC 8 and 9 will be available for purchase individually and are available as part of the Tekken 7 Season Pass 2.

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Country: USA

Fighting Style: N/A

The Walking Dead’s Negan, the charismatic leader of the Saviors, brought other communities together under his thumb with the motto “people are a resource.” One day, Negan received reports that an unknown group had taken out several of his men. Per his standard policy, he enacted a plan to capture and make an example of them. The survivors fell into Negan’s carefully laid trap, but, just as he was choosing his victim to serve as an example, the group put up an intense fight and escaped. Negan worried they would disturb his new world order if he did not deal with them swiftly. Taking his barbed-wire bat Lucille – named after his beloved wife – into his hand, he set out to take care of these foolish ingrates who would challenge his authority.

Julia Chang

Country: USA

Fighting Style: Xin Yi Liu He Quan and Baji Quan

After retiring as the masked fighter Jaycee, Julia concentrated fully on expanding her reforestation efforts around the globe, far from the fighting scene. But her project quickly needed money. Finding it difficult to secure backers, Julia was forced to return to the fight far sooner than she had wanted. Seeking one final fight, she made it her mission to beat Kazuya Mishima. Doing so, she theorised, would gain the global attention, and subsequent funding, that her project required.