One Piece 913 Spoilers and Expected Release Date

Yes, we are talking about spoilers. Chapter 912 was fabulous, so the fans are now going crazy for One Piece chapter 913.

There are many reasons because of which people like to watch One Piece. One of those reasons is that its full of thrill and suspense. In almost every chapter the story is revealed in different ways. Almost every fan likes to see Luffy. Zoro and Luffy appear together in many episodes which increases the thrill and suspense in every episode they’re in.

Everyone was happy to see this reunion. They are not getting separated. Basil Hawkins is getting ready for the combat. But it won’t be a huge fight. The reality is that Basil Hawkins has an intention of not telling Kaido. It gives us an idea that he has other plans.

Soon the fans will be aware of the Kid’s story. It is possible that Hawkins will meet Killer while taking Luffy with him. In this way, they might release the Kid. But it is just a speculation for the fans. Maybe, the Kid doesn’t need to be rescued if he has been freed already. It can be imagined that it will take a little time to reveal the story of Kid. By that moment, Hawkins tends to make things clear with Zoro and Luffy. But the fans will have to wait for these things to unveil. The suspense will break in the next week for sure.

The official release date of One Piece Chapter 913 is 3 August 2018.

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