Legit Ways To Get Free Robux In Roblox 2019

Roblox players are complaining over the fact that it takes a lot of time and grinding to earn a decent amount of Robux in Roblox, since alternative way is to buy Robux with your hard earned real life money, which barely anyone is willing to spend on an in game currency to buy virtual items in game.

Free Robux

Unless you are a beginner, you might have an idea how much Robux is worth to an average Roblox user since it’s the only premium currency of Roblox which is used for all trades of items. As the game is free to play on nearly all of its platforms that’s why Roblox Company used freemium model for getting fund to support their studio and lifestyle. Which is why almost everything and every element of Roblox and its functions are behind a pay wall of Robux, which you can either earn by playing nonstop or with your real life money. The amount of items this game has is impressive since it also contains community creative content which they can sell to get Robux.

So today we are going to share with you our best tips and hacks for Roblox on android and iOS platform so you can enjoy your game in one peace without spending a dime on it. Before we go into it lets learn some history about Roblox first to know what you are dealing with.

Inside Roblox

Roblox isn’t just a game as you might know it on android and iOS, it’s a complete game creation platform for designers or game creators. Yes, you heard that right. Game was originally released on windows with later it become massively popular so it made its way to android and iOS and mac and even Xbox just few years ago. With combine all platforms Roblox is successfully able to gather over 70 million activate players as of 2018 September. That’s a very huge player base compared to the competition of games out there.

The game doesn’t only provide you with games but also with its studio which is to develop games that other users can play. The studio is built on its Roblox engine having vast capabilities thus allowing user to create almost anything they can think of. You can create anything what you can imagine in Roblox studio.

Being a free tools give an advantage for more & more users to try their luck & skills in building games & levels which are then played by other players which is why there are tons of games in Roblox & more keep coming. Which is the main why all games are free for everyone on Roblox. Not even games, with Roblox users can even create game passes, micro-transaction(MTX) & other items which can then be sold to gather some Robux currency which is shared between Roblox and the developers by a percentage.

Why Roblox is F2P?

As the whole Roblox project is completely free to play for anyone on all platforms, developers use freemium market technique to make funds to keep their studio up and running. In case you don’t know about freemium marketing, it’s a technique of making whole game free for everyone then charging money for premium stuff such as passes, items, membership etc. It is also becoming more common with the rise of android games & more gaming publishers are adopting this way of marketing which has been known to yield better results than paid product marketing. And of course it’s all just a business.

Why Roblox is so popular?

Being one of the most popular MMO & the having a game creation system of its own makes Roblox one of the best choice among kids, teenagers & even adults who want to show their skill in making games & levels while simultaneously communicating with friends and other users sharing ideas & improving your skills is a plus for so many. As you play with other player, be it your friend or a complete stranger your conversational skills improves & who knows you might end up making one of your best friends of your life.

Since the game is free to play and continuously receive updates and bugs fixes, it keeps growing and it’s in game marketing which lets its users to buy, sell items is a thing of its own which makes it addictive.

Android & IOS version

Since, the game came on android and iOS, a new wave of application started with mods applications coming in offering free Robux and premium features. But Roblox corp. also did their best to stop misuse of their product which can be a serious loss of their net profit but again we have developed some apps for you to play without investing your precious money on virtual product.

Our professional programmers and coder have done fabulous work on mod apps. Now you can enjoy free Robux without doing much and going through long list of sites searching for Robux generators and hacks which show surveys etc.

Sometimes because of high download rate and privacy reasons Links are taken down for few minutes or even hours to avoid data breaches, so in case link isn’t working try refreshing the website or come back later for this cool mod. This is for tools safety and to avoid losing our hacks to developers which then can fix issues.

Other Ways to Get Robux Free?

Well of course we won’t leave you with these mod only we have worked hard to collect some gift codes for our premium users. Since Roblox is on android platform now we can use google gift codes to buy Robux. So the question is where you are going to get Robux? Well we are here, we are going to provide you with fresh codes

We haven’t included the value of how much they are worth but let’s give you a clue they can be of 5$, 10$, 20$, 25$, 30$, 35$, 50$. All these card codes we are offering for free to you without anything in return and unlike many sites with no survey. We just like donating stuff.

No Code
2 JT56 -GHT5 -96JG
3 DGT5 -0EE1 -FJR1
5 BNFY -35NF -VJL4
6 54NF -EG65 -534G
7 FB56 -4FG5 -42F5
8 03F5 -R545 -32FT
9 622F -ERE3 -FF33
10 33GE -54GH -GR64
11 RRTG -54GT -55H6
12 FF54 -GT46 -H574
13 5212 -5G56 -G4F4
14 RETG -554G -986H
15 FR04 -OT0G -GDF4

Since, we have got what you need. Let’s take a look at another situation and a common problem you can avoid by following our guide. As we said before many sites are offering scams and useless tools to get views and wasting visitor’s times, most of these sites offer surveys which you start doing with very enthusiasm but then you realize you are deep into the mess with more than the problems you started with & what you can do is find another legit method.

About our Free Robux

As we said before we have links in Roblox corporation which helps us provide special codes and gift cards that developers have already stored for a special event we gave them to our audience and we have special team of programmers dedicated to finding loopholes in Roblox game and its studio server which once successful we manipulate the system to provide you with extra Robux cash so you can enjoy happy time in gaming and developing.

Roblox & Robux

Everything in Roblox is dependent on community as community create more maps and items and clothing they try to sell it and buyers pays with Robux currency -the premium currency of Roblox. As earning rate of Robux is so slow for players with no membership it’s kind of pain in the ass for them to compete with other player in show off of items and it kind of a degrading for a player to have nothing while other player walking around with best items of game with rare and legendary tags sparking all over them.

But this is also the way Roblox studio makes money to support their game, with the money you spend in game by purchasing with real money. But we also purchase most gift cards to support developers, or as an appreciation and distribute them to our fellow visitors. As we did in these guides.

How to Avoid Scammers?

There are plenty of sites claiming to give generators and hacks for which they ask for your personal account info, so they can hack your account and either sell it to other needing it if it has some personal items worth selling or they blackmail you for money. We advise you to not give any info that can compromise your account or personal identity, and always use protection when surfing internet such as a good VPN. Not all VPN work as they claim to be always use a verified VPN. Never give your info to anyone. This is for your own safety as we aim to be friendly with you and protecting you from scams which most websites are offering is our job too.

About our tools

All of our tools are verified and working, in other case you won’t find the download link, as we remove them until we have a working tool again. And in case you can’t find the hacks you can always use our written guides which have alternative and even legit methods for acquiring free Robux credits such as gift codes and promo codes.

We shall keep updating the guide so you can find best from us. Be sure to head to our other tips and trick for better coverage of this. So you can find all the tricks and hacks you can. We hope you are enjoying free Robux credit after our tricks, happy gaming!

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