Huawei Banned: Google Stops Huawei’s Android Play Store App and Updates

The fight for the top Smartphone making organization is taking new turns and contorts every day with the new clash, Google versus Huawei. It was amazing to see that Huawei, the Chinese cell phone producer nearly sold the most extreme number of mobiles in 2018. Huawei may really end up as the winner, however, there are a couple of serious issues ahead. The most recent inconvenience is Google limiting Huawei from utilizing Android applications and security refreshes.

Google is Cutting Huawei’s Play Store App & More

According to the ongoing reports, Google which makes the essential Android OS and every one of the updates is arranging something serious against Huawei. Google is most likely going to slice Huawei’s entrance to Android applications and administrations. Huawei won’t almost certainly use Google Play Store, Gmail, Chrome, Search, and so on soon. It could begin a Google versus Huawei tech war, which can influence everybody. As indicated by sources, Huawei will be left to just utilize the Android Open Source Project (ASOP) rendition of the OS.

The purpose of Google versus Huawei struggle has nothing to do with their own dealings. It is because of the US Government forbidding Huawei from setting up a 5G foundation in America. Following the USA, Australia and the UK has likewise boycotted Huawei from working in their nations.

Huawei Bannad

The restriction prevents Huawei from obtaining key processors and chipset from US organizations, for example, Qualcomm and Intel after the choice of US President Donald Trump. Google which essentially works from California, US has no alternative yet to maintain the choice and slice access to Huawei telephones.

Future for Huawei

Huawei authorities have reacted to the boycott and guaranteed clients that it won’t influence them as they have emergency courses of action in movement.

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei stated, “Our groups are agreeing to the request and evaluating the ramifications of the boycott. For clients of our administrations and cell phones, Google Play and all other security assurances will keep on working on all the current Huawei gadgets”.

Huawei Bannad

While Huawei is by all accounts prepared with its very own OS. It might, in any case, influence the brand because of the Google versus Huawei competition. The clients outside China will experience serious difficulties changing, and the long haul impact would be hurtful to Huawei.

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